Birdman Rules

  1. The organisers of MBW Birdman 2020 event will take reasonable steps to provide a safe venue and take care in organising the event; however competitors are ultimately responsible for their own safety.
  2. All competitors in the MBW Birdman 2020 section must be over 15 years of age.
  3. All competitors must attend and receive a pre-flight safety briefing and comply with the instructions given at the briefing.
  4. All participants will be required to sign an event waiver at registration on the day.
  5. The use of any of the following is not permitted: auxiliary lifting devices (eg hang gliders, paragliders), assistance from other motorised sources (eg cars, boats, rockets) or stored energy devices for propulsion.
  6. Flying machines must be powered and launched by the sole efforts of the entrants. The wingspan of the flying machine is restricted to the dimensions of the wharf, but entrants should take into account that, unless otherwise agreed, they may be jumping off the edge of a wharf without any extension over the water.
  7. Total height of flying machine including Birdman shall not exceed 2.5 metres.
  8. Heavy objects are not to go off the wharf with the jump as they may sink or injure you in the jump. This includes bicycles.
  9. Competitors must take reasonable care for their own safety and in particular must either be able to competently swim and stay afloat, or wear suitable floatation devices.
  10. Competitors that are considered to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or, in the view of the organisers are in an unfit state, will not be permitted to jump as part of the competition.
  11. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any competitor wearing attire that in the view of the organisers is inadequate or unsuitable.
  12. If wings are attached to the person's body, a quick release device is required and must be demonstrated to the organisers. If the design presents a risk of injury through colliding with, or falling on parts of the craft, protective measures must be taken (ie foam padding on potential contact areas).
  13. Wearing a buoyancy aid is not compulsory, but should you choose to wear one, care should be taken that it is not designed with a collar around the neck and/or that requires both hands to hold it when impacting the water.
  14. Unless specifically designed for water sports (ie kite surfing), head gear with chin straps or any device fully covering the face are not allowed as they may ride up on contact with the water.
  15. Animals or pets are not allowed to enter the competition.
  16. The organisers may, at their discretion, postpone or cancel the event. If the event is cancelled, no fees will be refunded.
  17. You are responsible for collecting your ‘costume’ back from the beach after the main event should you wish to have it back.