Murrays Bay Wharf Birdman Festival

Saturday 14th March 2020 10.30am – 3pm

Stalls will be located along the Murrays Bay Sailing Club and Serengeti Car Park.

Stall sites are $95 per site for the day (incl GST)

Payment by cheque, bank deposit or internet transfer (include your name in the particulars or code or reference boxes!) to MBW Birdman ASB 12-3042-0268674-01

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All stalls holders must tick this box to show you have read the Terms and Conditions below and agree to comply

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2020 MBW Birdman Stall Terms and Conditions

  1. All stalls holders must tick the box on the stall application form to show you have read these Terms and Conditions and agree to comply.
  2. Describe your goods correctly to avoid embarrassment on the day.
  3. Set-up vehicle access is 8 - 10am only. All vehicles out before 10am. (Unless different times are shown)
  4. You must park legally until your site access is available. No vehicle is to block any road or intersection.
  5. No parking is provided. (Unless otherwise stated)
  6. No vehicles are to be on site during the event.
  7. Vehicles will not be allowed back on site until the event manager decides so. Pedestrian safety is paramount.
  8. A 3m gazebo will not fit into a 2m site. Your neighbour can refuse you extra space.
  9. Gazebos must be adequately anchored. Bring adequate weights; 100kg, 50kg upwind, 25kg per leg.
  10. Instructions of the Birdman crew are to be followed at all times.
  11. Food stalls must comply with all ACC health regulations. High risk foods must have at least one staff member with a current Food Handling Certificate (send us a copy).
  12. Cancellation given more than two weeks prior: $20 administration fee deducted from stall refund.
  13. Cancellation given in the last two weeks: no refund.
  14. The organisers endeavour to make this event successful however stall fees are non-refundable should they have to cancel the event on the day due to factors outside their control.
  15. Postponement/cancellation on the day of the event only.
  16. Stall applications can be posted or emailed. Both the application and full fee are required for a booking
  17. Stall payments are to be received by the closing of business day on the date advertised.
  18. Consideration is to be given to the environment at all times.
  19. Put your drink bottles and cans in our recycling bins provided, not the rubbish bins.
  20. All stalls will take away all their waste; do not put it in our bins.
  21. Food Stalls can only sell food in biodegradable containers, cups, lids, straws, and cutlery. No exceptions.
  22. Food stalls will each provide one clean proper rubbish bin for the PUBLIC, in FRONT of your stall, with clean liner bags. You take these with you at the end of the day.
  23. Event managers may exclude, without refund, any person or stall who fails to comply with these conditions.