About Birdman

The Birdman event is a competition for human powered flying machines and
involves human 'birdmen' attempting to "fly" the furthest distance off the end of a wharf/pier into the sea for prize money.

The first Birdman event was initiated back in 1971 by George Abel, a gift shop owner who lived on the coast of Sussex England, as a fundraiser for the Royal Air Forces Association. George later moved to Australia where he also helped organise Birdman rallies (see the Moomba Birdman Festival Melbourne).

The Birdman Rally is full of splashes, spills and thrills where Birdmen dressed to impress strut their wings to fly or fall, while embracing their home made gliders, with most of them travelling only a couple of meters before plunging into the sea.

Many fliers will take part to help raise money for charities; others design complex machines to aim for the category prizes.

Birdman events are now taking place right around the world and are gaining tremendous media interest world wide. The towers build on the piers are getting higher and Birdman are continuing to fly further.